Serpent Cobra SRX8 PRO Buggy 1/8 GP

Artikelnummer: SER-600020

When it comes to development of a product, there are no short cuts. With the intention of raising the bar, hard work and dedication is the only path to success. The SRX8 and SRX8 Evo were great cars, but here at Serpent we wanted more from this product, as bad as our customers and team drivers want to win. We raced; we tested; and repeated this process over and over until we were confident we created a better handling car that could reduce your lap times. Why you ask, because we want you to perform your best, with the least amount of effort. That?s what a great product is all about.

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Dieses Fahrzeug ist ein Baukasten und muss vom Benutzer montiert werden.
Für die Komplettierung benötigt
Motor 3,5ccm +Resorohr
RC Anlage mit Empfänger
Nitrostarter Set
Sprite bei uns erhältlich
Reifen, Felgen
Gerne beraten wir Sie!

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