SWORKz S350 BX1 EVO 1/8 Pro Buggy Nitro Kit, SW910022P

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SWORKz S350 BX1 EVO 1/8 Pro Buggy Nitro Kit, SW910022P

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SWORKz S350 BX1 EVO 1/8 Pro Buggy Nitro Kit, SW910022P

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The SWORKz S350 BX1 EVO 1/8 Pro Buggy Kit is derived from the DNA of S350 BK1 PSP race kit. The SWORKz design team put a lot of effort into the weight distribution of the S350 BX1 for optimum performance and easy car setup. The BX1 EVO Pro comes standard with Big Bore Shocks 2.0 and oil filled differentials providing traction and balance on any off road tracks. The pivot ball steering system gives the driver good feed back while driving the S350 BX1 EVO. Overall, the S350 BX1 EVO is a perfect combination of design, high quality and performance. Features: - BK1 Pro race design lightened chassis with T6 7075 aluminum in hard coating. - Standard with front and rear 2.0 Pro Shock Towers made of lightened 7075 aluminum. - Hex-Cell Shock Bladder design with Special Impact Shock Piston system. - Pro Shock 2.0 system with 4mm shock shafts. - High Performance Crown Gears and Pinion Gears. - Full CVD Drive Shafts. - Double Protection Bumper Design. - PSP (Power Steering Package) radio tray system. - Professional Metal Brake Calipers - Adjustable front upper and lower suspension arm system. - Pre-mounted Falcon Clear Body Shell included. - Rear kick up chassis system.

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